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The production of the pontoon assembly set

In October 2018, the workers of our shipyard Barkmet, a.s. have finished the production of the pontoon assembly set.
It consists of 8 pieces of so-called “floats” which must be freely interconnected with each other.
After all necessary operational tests, including floatability and connectivity, the pontoons were successfully passed on to the customer, who will use them as a platform for the work of dredgers and boreholes.
The steel structure of the pontoons and the connecting pins are made of special “class A” steel.
The whole building process of the pontoons has been under the supervision of CS Lloyd.
Since the pontoons are arbitrarily interconnected with each other, it was a very precise and technically demanding production, which our staff managed excellently!!!

Basic parameters of pontoon:

  • Length: 6740 mm
  • Width: 2340 mm
  • Height: 1202 mm
  • The weight of the empty pontoon: 6000 kg
  • Draught of the empty pontoon: 423 mm
  • Maximum load: 6770 kg
  • Maximum displacement: 12 770 kg
  • Pontoon draught with max load : 900 mm
  • Freeboard: 300 mm

Basic parameters of assembled set:

  • Maximum platform length without stabilization: 13 340 mm
  • Maximum platform width without stabilization: 8 940 mm
  • Dimension difference with stabilization: +2 x 600 mm
  • Diameter of connecting pins: 62 mm
  • Length of pins: 1 150 mm
  • Platform weight in standby mode: 63 000 kg
  • Draught of platform in standby mode: 555 mm
  • Maximum load capacity of the platform: 39 200 kg
  • Maximum displacement of the platform: 102 200 kg
  • Platform draught during max load capacity: 900 mm


Launch of the chemical tanker vessel at Barkmet shipyard

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at our shipyard Barkmet, a.s. took place a ceremonial launch of another chemical tanker.

Building and construction took over one year under the supervision of “Lloyd´s Register of shipping” inspectors.

Customers and future owners are from the Netherlands.

Specifically, this is a tanker specified to transport chemicals along European inland waterways.

The base material of the vessel construction is a shipbuilding steel of Grade A quality with the certification from Lloyd´s Register.

Integrated cargo tanks are made of Duplex 1.4462 stainless steel material.

Our shipyard produced a steel hull of the vessel, including a piping system and paintings.

The rest of outfitting works will be done at the shipyard of our partners in the Netherlands.

We would like to thank our customers, partners and everyone involved in this complex but interesting project!

Special thanks to all of our shipyard staff for honest, hard and quality work! Thank you!

Basic parameters:

Name of the vessel: chemical tanker „Spera“


Length 110m

Width 13,5 m

At side amid/foreship 5,25 m

Total weight of the hull: 900 t

Launching of yacht "Aeolus"

On June 8, 2016 took place, at the Czech shipyard Barkmet, launching of yacht "Aeolus", which underwent extensive repair. This vessel was purchased several years ago by Czech owner in the Netherlands. At that moment status of the vessel corresponded to several years of wear in the service of the Coast Guard.
Barkmet shipyard workers generally reconstructed the yacht, made repair of the hull and ship's interior. Now the yacht will be used for recreational purposes mainly on the rivers Vltava and Elbe. Later this year „Aeolus“ will issue a long journey to the North Sea.
The whole company Barkmet wish yacht "Aeolus" and its owner a happy voyage !!!



BARKMET, a.s., the shipyard, welcomed Chinese delegation

The general manager of BARKMET, a.s. welcomed the delegation from the People's Republic of China on April 26, 2016. The meeting with a presentation of Barkmet took place right in the shipyard in Lhotka nad Labem. A following tour of the premises was accompanied by the general manager of a Shanghai shipyard and two delegates from Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Czech Republic.
This meeting was realized thanks to the general editor of Waterways and Inland Navigation magazine, with a cooperation of Chinese Embassy. At a time of continual development of business relations between the Czech Republic and the People's Republic of China, this event represents Barkmet's next step in the continuous effort to extend the portfolio of its business partners.


Foreign partners

Among many others, the main foreign partners of Barkmet company are: Navia bp, Euromaritime shipbuilding b. In., GEFO, Veka Group, Scheepswerf Gebroeders Kooiman BV, Rohr Bagger GmbH.


Panoramic photo of our shipyard

Realized projects

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