Barkmet offers regular service, repairs and complete reconstruction based on customers' needs:

- Repair of steel hulls, TIG welding, metal polishing, repair and manufacture of fittings
- Painting, sanding, fiberglass repairs, hull paint spraying
- Gel coat repairs and surface polishing with Antifouling paint
- Production and installation of custom marine interiors and furnishings
- Installation of new technical equipment of the vessel
- Installation of new engines
- Installation of wiring.

The premises are located strategically ahead of the last regulation/sluice on the river Elbe, with an area of approx. 7.5 ha. - Slipway of 185 m - 3 cranes with capacity of 25/5 t + 12 t + 10 t operating over the slipway - new workshop (grand opening on 27/1/2010), with 2 overhead cranes of 10 t capacity - old workshop with 2 overhead cranes of 8 t capacity and 1 crane of 5 t capacity - Special equipment (CNC plasma cutter with workbench of 3x12 m, up to approx. 50 mm width; over 50 mm oxyacetylene burner), the workplace is equipped with 2 overhead cranes of 5 t capacity.