Our products. Our company currently offers the manufacture of the following products: 

CHEMICAL TANKERS - Barkmet offers different types of chemical tankers. Nevertheless, we are always ready to work with our clients to develop custom products to meet their unique requirements.

CONTAINER VESSELS - Barkmet can offer a wide range of container vessels from its portfolio. Nevertheless, our Design Department is always ready to work with our clients todevelop custom products to meet their unique requirements.

CARGO VESSELS - Barkmet manufactures many different types of cargo vessels with the maximum weight of 1,500 ton and the length of up to 135 meters.

TUGBOATS - the client can choose from several types of tugboats that we are able to individualize up according to clients requirements.

PONTOONS - Barkmet produce both small and large-scale pontoons, pontoon assemblies according to customer requirements. We offer reconstruction and service of the pontoons. 

We produce pontoons for:  
                                       - Landing stages and piers 
                                       - Houseboats and restaurants 
                                       - Floating homes and offices 
                                       - Floating parking hangars for yachts 
                                       - Floating excavators and cranes 
                                       - Floating pumping stations 
                                       - Passenger and vehicle ferries 
                                       - Simple small cruise ships 
                                       - Recreational vessels and lifeboats

FERRIES - Currently, Barkmet offers only the following ferry "Ferry - SKB", which we can develope according to customer unique requirements.

JACHTS - "Jantar-93" Designed by Barkmet, the Jantar-93 is a recreational yacht for sea and inland waterways within area "C". It has a 6 person capacity and is suitable for short and long family vacations on the water. The yacht's hull is made of steel. Jantar offers a comfortable cabin that includes sleeping accommodations, shower, sink, toilet, and plentiful storage space. There is also a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, lockers and a salon with a wheelhouse. The latter includes a steering station with a chart table, captain’s seat, convertible leather sofa and a bar. There is also a teak-paneled stern for outdoor enjoyment. The salon and the cockpit are connected by a quadripartite folding door. 

HOUSEBOATS - Discover rivers, lakes and reservoirs while on a houseboat and be captivated by beautiful river banks along your travels. If you wish to further explore a locality you visit, merely drop anchor and enjoy. When you’ve seen all there is to see, simply weigh anchor and without much ado, resume your travels. Noisy neighbours are never a concern when you can simply move along. Houseboats are suitable for those who are not too keen on cottages and campsites.

More information you can find in the section "Realized projects".